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How to promote your photography on Instagram

Instagram just hit a major milestone: 500 million registered users. This is some serious number! If you're a photographer trying to boost your exposure, this is your chance. But how do you it? What's the shortest way to Instagram success? Here are a couple of steps to follow for getting a broader audience for your photography.

by Marjon Daemen
by Marjon Daemen
  • Use a real camera
    Don't rely on your smartphone to snap good photos. You don't want good photos, you want great quality photos that really pop and stand out from the crowd.
  • Edit your photos
    Instagram may promote a snap-and-post style of photography, but excellent photography doesn't. Great photos aren’t taken, they’re created through persistent editing. So, before posting your work on Instagram, take the time to edit photos in your favourite editing program.
  • Only share your best work
    It only takes one not so great photo for Instagrammers to lose interest, so be meticulous about what to share. If the photo doesn't make you go 'F*ck yeah', then don't even bother posting it. So, don't post photos of your daily life and stick to your niche photography.
Take photos with a real camera
  • Share a short story with each photo
    People love a good story. Combining great photos with strong words, will evoke an emotional response in your Instagram viewer. People will relate and make an emotional connection to your work, which will get them talking about it, sharing it, …
  • Don't post too often
    Don't go spamming Instagrammers' feed, they will get annoyed. Instead, share around two images a week to keep them interested.
  • Build an Instagram community
    Don't build a community by asking people to follow you back, this is desperate and a bit tacky. Instead, find actual photographers you respect, leave them a nice compliment and follow them. You're in for a good chance they'll check out your account and follow you back. When they start liking your photos, your exposure will grow immensely.

One last tip: interact with your followers. Leave a thoughtful answer to people who comment on your photos a lot. This way, they will feel appreciated and interaction will grow. After all, you'd rather have 100 invested fans who interact with you than 1,000 followers who couldn’t be bothered about your work. Taking these useful steps into account your photos' exposure will grow in no time. So, get cracking on Instagram!